Chase Checking Savings Account Coupon Codes August 2013

Chase Checking Savings Account Coupon Codes

When it comes to saving money while you spend at the same time, Chase has long proved the King. The credit card company is always offering new and inviting methods to save money and obtain cash back from using the credit card. These different credit cards and savings services ensures everyone is able to save money, as long as they have the credit card. Knowing what different offers available to credit card holders is often difficult, as you might not know what offers you current have or what is going to be given to you. This is exactly why you need to know what savings methods you are able to obtain and what kind of deals Chase is Offering

Five Percent Cash Back

Every few months, Chase offers a Five Percent Cash Back on certain purchases. These range from gas to groceries, travel to restaurants. With these different savings options, it is important to know what exactly is available and how to save the money. However, Chase doesn’t just activate the savings methods. In fact, you have to activate it on your own account. Because of this, when you log online to pay your bill, it is important to actually log onto your account and look at the current offers. Here, you’ll see what the present deals are and ensure you are able to sign up before it is too late.

Travel Benefits

Outside of the usual five percent cash back on different items, there are always travel benefits available on the card, including new benefits for different hotels and the option for saving a considerable amount of money while traveling. Due to this, you need to check in on what the current travel benefits are, as this changes monthly. It usually includes a free night at select hotels when you book a certain amount of nights. You receive monthly notifications in the mail regarding these changes, so it is important to read up on the information.

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